2016 year of reading

  Barnaby Book Club has been in hiatus in 2016  because I now work full time. But it’s okay because I work in a library. Not one of those new-fangled modern libraries of makerspaces, high tech offerings, 3d printers and ping pong tables. But an old fashioned library jam packed with…..books. High shelves bursting. Honestly? […]

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Frank Woodley at The Little Bookroom

Could an afternoon be more delightful? Books, jokes, stories, slapstick and even a random ukulele! A group of Barnabies (can you spot them in the crowd?) went to The Little Bookroom to see Frank Woodley, comedian, television writer, children’s book author and basically all round clown. From Frank Woodley, much-loved comedian, storyteller and talented artist, comes a hilarious […]

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