2016 year of reading

  Barnaby Book Club has been in hiatus in 2016  because I now work full time. But it’s okay because I work in a library. Not one of those new-fangled modern libraries of makerspaces, high tech offerings, 3d printers and ping pong tables. But an old fashioned library jam packed with…..books. High shelves bursting. Honestly? […]

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Cryptic Casebook Christmas Party!

It was our final book club get-together of the year and we were exploring the world of “The Cryptic Casebook of Coco Carlomagno and Alberta and the case of the Perplexing Pineapple.” By Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrated by Terry Denton. Just like Coco Carlomagno and Alberta the Barnabies were on the case of the perplexing […]

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Danny Best and the Lot of Pain

Danny Best Full On by Jen Storer and illustrated by Mitch Vane

One of the “best” things in ‘Danny Best Full On!’ is the vacant paddock that Danny Best and his friends play games in. It is something that just sparks the kids imaginations – a whole paddock where you can do and make whatever you like? It’s your space?

Danny Best calls it the Lot of Pain and he makes an obstacle course and a racetrack there and the kids even camp there. Our inner city Barnabies don’t have much space or freedom to have this sort of adventurous fun and it made their brains light up like fireworks when we talked about it.

Some of the Mums told stories about when they were kids and had bmx tracks in a paddock, cubby houses in derelict houses and tree houses in large peppercorn trees on their own vacant “lots” of pain!

What would you do if you had a Lot of Pain??

With some craft card, toothpicks, paper, modelling clay and mini dolly pegs the kids made their own adventurous vacant lots of amazing fun. There were slides, race tracks, cars, and there was even an ice-cream truck visiting some campers!

The Barnabies also made a vox pop video review of Danny Best Full On





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